About Me

About Me

Hey there! It's Umut Erkal, a hardware designer passionate about bringing innovative ideas to life. Over the years, I have launched multiple startups that have pushed the boundaries of technology from San Francisco to Istanbul. For over a decade, I have been honored as a Microsoft MVP in IoT, sharing my expertise in embedded systems with students and professionals worldwide.

My journey has led me to create Turta, a developer hardware company that has significantly impacted Turkiye, Europe, and the United States. I have also been leading Maker Faire Istanbul, inspiring the Maver Movement and a new generation of creators. One of my highlights has been mentoring student teams and guiding them through competitions and real-world projects.

I am launching a new adventure with Enginique, where we are creating powerful and practical industrial devices for developers to use. Stick around, and let's create something unique together!

Bonus Content: Sound Moments

And when I’m not tinkering with gadgets, you can find me on SoundCloud, where I share the unique soundscapes I’ve captured from all corners of the globe. It’s my way of bringing the world’s symphony to your ears. Tune in and take a sonic journey with me! 🎶